Moving to a new home is one of the most stressful events we may go through in our life. Moving house is often time-consuming, unpleasant, and messy, from cancelling utilities to organizing mail redirections to the dreaded end-of-lease clean.

Even the most seasoned house-movers face an unavoidable rush at the end to accomplish all required duties and tie up loose ends, regardless of whether they started the process days straight ahead of their scheduled leave date.

If you’re a tenant, the question of recovering your whole rental bond will be on your mind as well. When it comes to realizing your 100% bond money back, landlords and real estate brokers are notoriously problematic, delaying the bond for the most insignificant reasons.

Make sure that you avoid the following blunders to get back your 100% Bond Money:

1. Planning

One of the most common mistakes is starting the cleaning procedure without first planning and preparing. You’re risking your bond money if you put off end-of-tenancy cleaning until the last minute.

Before the final inspection, you should completely clean the premises. High-end equipment, tools, and goods are required for this. As a result, plan and vacate the premises to quickly clean up the dusty regions.

2. Equipment Cleaning

This area is often missed out while vacating a property. Forgetting to check dishwashers and ovens can make you lose your money on moving out cleaning. Before winding up, make sure you check every piece of equipment, whether you have used it or not and clean it.

To clean different appliances, use eco-friendly or non-toxic cleaning chemicals to remove food spills, built-up grease, filth, burned food particles, and other junk. If you don’t have time to undertake a thorough cleaning, you may call the expert end-of-lease cleaners in Melbourne.

3. Air-Ducts and Vents Cleaning

Since it is one of the more difficult-to-reach areas, most people overlook cleaning the air duct or vents. To remove accumulated dust and filth from air vents, you’ll need specialized instruments, such as exhaust fan fans and filters.

For optimal results, use a long microfiber duster or a vacuum cleaner. Apart from that, always clean from top to bottom. This means that starting with the ventilation ducts and fans, you may cover all vital areas without being distracted.

4. Property Exterior Cleaning

It may seem obvious, but if you want your bond back, the outside sections of your property must be spotless. Balconies, backyards, courtyards, and patios are sometimes disregarded, favouring the home’s interior sections, yet they are a target for savvy landlords.

5. Mould Problems

During end-of-lease-cleaning, mould is another critical issue that must be addressed. Failure to properly ventilate the property and leave moist surfaces and floors might cause mould to develop. If there are symptoms of mould, it’s advisable to get an expert to handle the situation.

6. Rubbing the carpet stains

Rubbing or scrubbing stains out of your carpet will only damage your delicate and costly flooring. The best method is to wipe the surface with a cloth or paper towel soaked in diluted vinegar. Rubbing abrasively causes significant damage to the fibres. If you are unsure about it, calling experts in Melbourne is advisable.

7. Leaving the wall-stains unattended

Many Melbourne landlords withdraw bond money due to stains on walls, doors, and other surfaces. Clean your entrance walls, doors, light fixtures, skirting boards, and switchboards.

Clean these spaces using a microfiber cloth. For difficult stains, use vinegar, dishwashing solutions, and hot water. Spray the solution on and wipe clean with a clean towel.

In a nutshell

When renters are relocating out of a rented apartment, most landlords anticipate meticulous cleaning. If you want to clear the inspection, you need to examine every nook and corner.

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