Carpet Cleaning Epping

Carpet Cleaning Epping

So, you threw an epic birthday party at your house, and despite its success, you now face the monumental tasks of trying to clean the stains all over the carpet? Or maybe it’s the end of your lease, and you need end of lease carpet cleaning services, and you have no idea where to start, and no amount of water and detergent has helped. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

At Nass Cleaners, we offer you quality carpet cleaning services that will have your carpet looking cleaner than ever. We consist of a highly trained staff who takes their jobs seriously to give you guaranteed results and satisfaction. 

What Nass Cleaners Can Give You

You may have come across other carpet cleaners, and you could be asking yourself, why Nass? It is true that any cleaning company out there can get the job done, but with 

Nass Cleaners we are a cut above the rest, and this is because we go beyond offering you mopping, vacuuming and dusting services. 

We want you to come home to a fresh cleaning house. That is why we clean in places that are often overlooked, including under the floorboards and furniture. Have a dirty fridge, grimy sinks or tubs or sheets that need changing? We will do that for you too. 

Moving beyond the domestic sphere, we also offer cleaning services for professional spaces like schools, offices, restaurants and clinics. You can work at peak performance knowing you’re your workspace is free from dirt and dust and being handled by a professional carpet cleaning Epping service

Why Choose Us

Nass Cleaners

Bond Back Guarantee

Before you rent a house or office space, you are required to pay a certain amount of money to your property manager or your landlord. If at the end of the lease, the place you rented is in good condition or if you restore it to the way you found it before you rented it, then you are allowed to get your bond money back.
The bond money is usually used to cater for incidences of damage to property that the landlord or property manager was not responsible for, and will have to fix.
Things like carpet stains can lead you to not getting your bond money back. At Nass Cleaners, we will help you clean your space and restore it to its former conditions, if not better. By doing this, we are offering a guarantee that you will get your bond money back. For assurance purposes, we will ask for a checklist from your landlord to ensure we take care of every single detail.
The checklist includes details like:
• Kitchen – where we clean every part of your kitchen including stovetops, sinks, oven, bench top and inside cupboards.
• High dusting – this is for high areas that are not always reachable like the ceiling, fans, light fittings and vents.
• Bedroom and living room – this includes cleaning the floors, windows, rugs and carpets, dust and writings on the walls.
• Bathroom – we will clean the mirrors, bathtub, walls and windows to remove any grime or soap residue that may have accumulated over time.

We Value Our Relationships with Our Clients

We do not value your money more than we appreciate you. As our esteemed customer, we put your needs first. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction. We will listen to what you need, assess the property and give you feedback on what we think would be best.
We also pay attention to your safety, and that is why all our staff is police checked. The idea is to boost your confidence in us knowing that you can feel safe even while having strangers clean your space. Our team is also highly trained and very professional. This is to enhance your experience with us further.

We Offer Competitive Rates

We do not promise to offer cheap rates because we believe that even though low-priced services may be more comfortable on your pocket, you will have to compromise somewhere. Why choose affordable services that often translate to shoddy work when we can offer you competitive rates and the assurance of quality work?
At Nass Cleaners, we value transparency, and it is easy for you to get a quote from us by calling or making an inquiry on the website. There are no hidden costs or fees.

We are Flexible and Offer a 7-day Cleaning Service

Not available during certain times? That’s okay, we maintain regular working hours, but we are available over the weekend too. Let us know what day and time would be favourable to you, and we will work with that.
For seven days after we’ve cleaned for you, we offer you the chance to call us back in case our services did not help you receive your bond back. Your satisfaction is important to us, and that is why we offer the extra seven days in case of anything.

Hire Us Today

Give us the chance to show you that we are the carpet cleaning company you never knew you needed. Do not underestimate the ability for dirt to hide right under your nose. Once you get to enjoy our services, you will be hard-pressed to find another company that offers the services we do, not forgetting our competitive rates. 

Don’t let those carpet stains damper your mood. If you are looking for carpet cleaning service in Epping, talk to us on 0432 075 741. We will have a representative come over to assess the situation, and in no time, your carpets will be looking brand new again. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions or inquiries you may have. Give us a call today for a quote and let us help you.