As your lease tenure end, make sure to provide end-of-tenancy cleaning to the property. Often this is a part of the contract that you must oblige to get back the deposit money. But what is included in this specific cleaning service? While general deep cleaning services are there, many professional cleaners provide packages for exit cleaning. But in general, few specific services are elemental, and you must know about them. We have a checklist for you here. 

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Things to do before the End-of-Lease Cleaning

Before your professional cleaners come to your place, prepare the home for the service. Moreover, such planning is so that nothing gets missed in the process. 

  • Plan it and book the service in advance to avoid the last-minute rush on the day of cleaning.
  • Execute the cleaning from one room to another. Consult your cleaners and create a route of action and once cleaning of a room gets started, only move to the next room when you are thoroughly satisfied with the work.
  • Be vigilant and do not leave out even the most minor details to get a cleaning solution for your home. Professionals can render the place spotless but, you must also keep them informed about the problems.
  • Select the package carefully and ensure it includes deep cleaning. It is a basic service for exit cleaning as it covers every corner with precision and thoroughness.

Checklist for different rooms and their cleaning

The following are specific cleaning tasks for each room. You can supervise the exit cleaning better when you have a detailed checklist at hand.

Kitchen and Cooking areas

Whether you have a conventional kitchen or set up a makeshift barbecue at the porch- it will lead to grease and dirt. This is the most complicated part of the cleaning process. Check whether the ovens are cleaned thoroughly and rendered spotless. Stovetops and racks come next. Lastly, all chemical cleaner and wipe marks get removed by the professionals.

Exhaust hoods, sinks, benches, dishwasher, refrigerator, extractor fan, and cupboards, all must get cleaned thoroughly and emptied.

All rooms

There are many clean-up services for every room. The following are the factors you must take note of:

  • The walls inside the house should be thoroughly cleaned and any stains and cobwebs must get removed. Fix any dent and repaint the walls if needed.
  • Clean the window panes inside and out. Also, get the tracts cleaned and oiled in case any of the windows tend to get stuck.
  • Draw out all the drawers and cupboards to empty and clean thoroughly.
  • Wipe the ledges for the windows, skirting board, over the doors, the tracts of sliding doors, etc.
  • Remove the fly screens and wash them before putting them back.
  • Light fixtures, holders, lampshades, and switches require deep cleaning to remove years of stains from accumulated dirt. Also, get bulbs that do not work replaced before moving out.
  • All furniture and appliances you received while moving in must be cleaned thoroughly and placed as they were before moving out.
  • Vacuum the floors and remove any stains by mopping them thoroughly. The same goes for carpets which must get cleaned deeply.

Bathroom and Laundry 

These are perhaps the most complicated places to clean after the kitchen. Any part of the house where there are lots of water activities will require more attention during the cleaning process.

  • Wipe and clean all mirrors so there are no hard water stains or fingerprints.
  • Scrub and disinfect toilets thoroughly.
  • Clean tap heads, showers, and remove mold and grits from the tiles.
  • Wipe all bench tops and thoroughly clean the basins and wall tiles.
  • Small accessories like soap holders, towel rails, etc. must be cleaned thoroughly too.

Once you have gone through all these cleaning processes, the home is finally ready for moving out. You can always consult your landlord if they have further specific cleaning requirements. 

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