Cleaning Essendon

Cleaning Essendon

Nass Cleaners is all about giving your five-star cleaning Essendon services. See, with over a decade in the industry, we have perfected that art of cleaning. Yup! Cleaning is what we know. Cleaning is what we love.

Nass Cleaners will stop at nothing to ensure that we leave you with a smiling face when our cleaners leave your home or office.

Speaking of cleaners, we have assembled a team of experienced individuals dedicating to making sure that you get nothing but the best.

Why Choose Us

Our Services

End of Lease Cleaning Essendon

When it’s time to leave a rented property, you have to clean. In fact, that’s the only way you can get your bond refund. On the flip side, however, vacate cleaning isn’t the easiest of tasks – and that’s here Nass Cleaners come is in.
Here’s the thing – 10 + of professional cleaning in Melbourne is no joke. We have seen it all – from fussy property managers to stubborn landlords with a huge list of demands.
We bring in the experience to provide one of a kind bond guarantee cleaning. With us, you can rest assured of getting your bond refund. Yes. We are that good!

Carpet Cleaning Essendon

Who wants to live in a house with dirty carpets? How about your visitors or clients? Do you think customers like to visit an office with a dusty carpet? The beauty of it is that you don’t have to put up with filthy, dust-laden carpets – not with Nass Cleaners around.
We offer carpet cleaning services in Essendon to ensure that you live and work in a clean environment. Our team of highly skilled cleaners can handle virtually any carpet from synthetic to woollen.
Plus, we have an assortment of advanced tools for deep carpet cleaning. We also offer stain and mould removal. We use ecofriendly detergents to keep everyone in your space safe.
Other services in this line include carpet sanitization, shampooing, and dry cleaning. Reach us today on for a free quote.
Oh and, we work every day of the week from Monday through to Sunday. So there’s no excuse for living in a house with a dirty carpet.

Oven and Barbeque Cleaning Essendon

So you’re a foodie, right? No problem! You can cook all you want and hire Nass Cleaners to get rid of the mess on your oven. Your BBQ will also accumulate grease and oil over time, especially if you like to host parties in your backyard.
Our professional BBQ cleaners use the latest technology to remove grime from every part of your appliance. We use odour and chemical-free solutions to so you can continue to use your BBQ and oven minutes after we leave.
We will not leave any mess in your kitchen or backyard too. Our team will scour the area to ensure that no debris remains. You may also want to know that our cleaners have full insurance. They’ve gone through a comprehensive police check as well.
In short, you’re safe with Nass Cleaners as your to-go-to cleaning Essendon Company.

Office Cleaning Essendon

Your office has to stay clean. After all, it is the place where you close deals and host your clients. With a busy schedule, however, you may not get the time to clean up.
You don’t have to get stressed about a filthy office – our experienced commercial and office cleaners will take care of the dirt. We use heavy-duty machines to suck out even the smallest of particles to help create a clean environment for business at budget-friendly rates.

Spring Cleaning Essendon

Spring cleaning can turn out to be a hectic affair. Nass Cleaners, however, has experienced cleaners who stick to your cleaning checklist, making sure that your place looks new once more.
We cover everything from scrubbing the floor to dusting your furniture and anything in between. We will even clean your dryers, switches, washers, and remove cobwebs. We work to make sure your living space is free of bacteria and germs.

We cover bathrooms, kitchen, laundries, bedrooms, and cars.

Our other Essendon cleaning services include;

  • Presentation cleaning
  • Once off cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Moving in cleaning
  • Builders cleaning

How Nass Cleaners Works

We gave served hundreds of satisfied clients in Essendon and neighbouring suburbs. Property managers and landlords approve our cleaning assignments after a single inspection without asking for a re-clean.

To hire Nass Cleaners, simply call dial 0432 075 741 for a free quote. Or, you can make a booking based on your schedule.

Our team of professional cleaners will arrive at your property a couple of hours after you confirm your availability. And, as stated, it doesn’t matter which day of the week it is – we work even on weekends.

How is Nass Cleaners Different from Other Essendon Cleaning Services?One, we have 10 + of working experience, so we’re reliable. Two, we only use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions because we care about the lives of those around you, including pets.

Three, we understand that the dynamics of home cleaning services in Melbourne and its environment keep changing as technology advances. We continually invest in the latest cleaning equipment and tools to ensure that our cleanup is as thorough and meticulous as possible.

Finally, we offer competitive rates. See, you don’t have to burn through your wallet to enjoy the best cleaning services in Essendon. We charge reasonably, depending on the size of the task.

Make no mistake about it, though – we value every assignment, and we will deliver value whether the job is small or extensive. We have no problem re-cleaning any areas we might have skipped within 72 hours.

Hire Nass Cleaners today to enjoy hassle-free cleaning. We are a call away. All you have to do is to pick up your phone and dial. Request for a quick quote, and we’ll send it your way in minutes.

At Nass Cleaners, we remain committed to providing high-quality cleaning services in Essendon time and again.