When will my cleaner arrive?

You will obtain a confirmation email after your reservation has been verified (generally within 1-2 weeks of your service). This email will include a summary of your reservation, including a line showing the arrival date and time. This will show when the professional cleaner is to be expected. Please notice that there may be an arrival window, and the team will arrive and begin cleaning between these times.

What will my cleaner bring to the service?

All our cleaners have their own cleaning equipment and supplies fully fitted. However, you are more than welcome to leave it out for the cleaner if you want a specific item or facilities used in your home. It is recommended that all of our cleaners disinfect and alter all clothes and sponges between facilities and use separate clothes for toilets, kitchens and common places.

What if I don’t have parking available for the cleaners?

We are conscious that parking may not be accessible in some regions around Melbourne. While some of our cleaners are traveling by public transportation that helps fix this issue, most of them are traveling by vehicle. There is a section to fill out data about parking and access to your home during the online booking process. If you call and book through the phone, one of our friendly employees at the office will ask if parking is easily accessible. Please be informed that this fee will apply to your reservation if you have only paid parking in your region. Our cleaners will exhaust all possible parking possibilities in free spaces, but they will have to park there if only ticked places are accessible.

Do I have to be home during the service?

It’s up to you completely–you can be there for the service, let the cleaner go in and out, or not even be there at all. You are more than welcome to use a key / lockbox to provide access to your cleaners. Please notice that in particular, when the house is empty of individuals and pets, our cleaners function most effectively.

What if I am not happy with my service?

Whether it is positive or negative, we enjoy all the feedback we get. Please email our office with information about what might have been a problem if you are not happy with your service and include all appropriate pictures. We will then continue with our 200 percent satisfaction guarantee and strive to provide a re-clean for any missed / unsatisfactory fields within 5-7 days of the original service and/or consider a suitable discount if necessary.

How do I make changes to my booking?

Before your service ( 1 week in advance), please email the office and advice of any changes required.

Can I give the cleaner a key?

Yes. Our department frequently reports on the keys that are in the possession of the cleaners. Only first names and the first initial of the last name on the main tag are heavily enforced. No phone numbers, addresses or full names shall be on the keys at any time, so that they can not be traced back to the property. Alternatively, you can get a secure key for your property from any particular hardware store and give us the code. With our clients this is beginning to be a very popular practice. For example, if your cleaner is unable to provide your service due to an emergency, the key is available to a replacement team on the same day to complete the service.

Is window cleaning interior and exterior?

Exterior windows come for an extra charge and will be mentioned on the quote. Unfortunately, we do not do double story exterior window cleaning. Interior windows are usually covered in the quote provided by us.

Can I book steam cleaning on the day of my clean?

Yes you can, but kindly keep in mind that if the original team sent to you are not trained steam cleaners, steam cleaning may need to be postponed on the day of your service. For instance, your cleaners may arrive at 9 am to complete the general cleaning and finish a few hours later, then another team (if available) will arrive to complete the steam cleaning process. We have some cleaners though that can finish all general cleaning as well as steam cleaning.

How can I cancel my service?

At any time, either online or over the phone, you can cancel your service. We don’t have lock-in agreements to worry about. Please note: all cancelations must be made 1 business day prior to the service. If you cancel within 1 business day, you may incur a premium that includes the loss of salaries of the cleaner. Please note that if by re-allocating job we can cover the cleaner’s time. Sometimes we can waive this fee, but sometimes it is necessary to charge the fee.

Do the cleaners have police checks?

Yes, before they start any job, all of our cleaners are needed to submit all checks. Most cleaners also have children checks to work with. Having passed a telephone interview with our office employees, our cleaners will be invited to have an interview with our manager. This is where he runs through all of our guidelines and procedures. To be able to work for us, all of our cleaners must have a strong history of cleaning.

Do you work on the weekend?

We usually only operate on Saturdays, but we have some teams working on Sundays (only for one-off reservations). We may be able to book in a Sunday service depending on our cleaner accessibility for places and times. Please notice that an additional one-off fee of $50 will apply to services booked on Sundays.

Does your company do any exterior work?

We do, however, have a balcony service and garage walls pressured wash and exterior ( single story ) windows that is available as an added extra.

How do I pay for my service?

You can pay via credit card ( 3% surcharge applies) or via EFT on completion of the job.

Does your company invoice out?

Our accounting department may be able to prepare an invoice for your business, but kindly understand that our overall payment method is through an on-file debit card. We are currently registered for TAC claims, but unfortunately we can not accept customers with DVA, NDIS and WS. For any inconvenience created, we apologize.

How long does end of lease clean take?

An end of lease cleaning usually requires between 3 to 5 hours and 2-3 cleaners for a standard 2 bedroom home. But, everything depends on the size and condition of the property (how dirty it is) If

What’s included in end of tenancy cleaning?

When tenants terminate the lease for their rented property, they are needed to have the property cleaned in accordance with the norms of real estate before their landlord or property manager releases their RTBA bond. This cleaning shall be carried out as per the end of the checklist for lease cleaning

What is a deep clean?

A deep cleaning is for first-time clients or clients who have not professionally cleaned their home in the last three months. Check our Pricing page to see the additional stuff we do for deep cleaning.