How to Get A Property Clean Before Rental Inspection?

A clean property is one way to impress your landlord during a routine rental inspection. The question is, how to Get A Property Clean Before Rental Inspection?

As an Aussie renter, one important part of your tenancy is the property inspection. It happens at least once
every three to four months and is an avenue for property owners to ensure that their properties are in
good condition. You probably dread this routine rental inspection because there are just a lot of things
to do in very little time.
We get it! Most landlords or property owners don’t give enough notice. If you are lucky and depending
on where you live, you’ll get at least a week’s notice. But if you are not, you’ll have 24 hours to get your
place in order. It's enough to make anyone anxious. But with the right information, you can get your
place ready for inspection quickly with time to spare.


A lot of people think that what property owners want during the inspection is to see an extremely clean
house. This is a wrong idea.
According to Amanda Deshung, an experienced property manager, the main purpose of a rental
inspection is not to see an extremely clean house, but for the landlord or property manager to ensure
that you are not breaching the conditions in your tenancy agreement.
Of course, having a clean space can pass across the right idea but there are more things you should be
spending time on. For example, fixing the damages that you’ve caused during your tenancy.
Deshung's opinion is that property managers and landlords take into consideration the fact that a
property is lived in. As a result, an inspection is usually more of a walkthrough. There are two times in-
depth rental property inspections are carried out and that’s when your lease is about to commence or

end. In the latter situation, getting an end of lease cleaning service from a cleaning company will go a
long way.


As we have already mentioned, feeling jittery before an inspection is normal, but it doesn’t solve
anything. In fact, the only thing you&’ll succeed in doing is wasting your own time. To better prepare your
lodgings for an inspection, the following are the areas you should pay close attention to.

Take Care of the Gardens

Whether you want to or not, if the lease says that you’re in charge of some parts of the garden, then
you have to ensure that those parts look presentable. This means that, at the barest minimum, you have
to ensure that the weeds are removed and the grasses are cut.
If you have a lawn, you have to ensure that you mow it regularly in such a way that it looks exactly the
same way you get it. This is particularly important if the lawn is facing a street.


One way to impress your landlord or property manager is to make them think that you are taking care of
the properties on the premises as if they were your own. To do this, you should clean the oven and the
You should also wipe the walls to get rid of wall marks as much as possible and arrange every other
thing in such a way that it passes across the right information. Don’t leave dirty plates piled up in the
sink and the sooner you start with those dishes you’ve been ignoring, the faster you can be done with
your preparation for the inspection.

The Bathroom

The main thing you’re looking for here are signs of mold. This is one of the things inspectors watch out
for. It can be a sign of relaxed maintenance and can be a red flag when property managers discover that
the house is infested with mold.

To ensure that this does not happen, you should clean every part of the bathroom that’s likely to be
dirty and check the hidden areas.

Another thing to watch out for in bathrooms are visible damages. You doN’t really want the inspector to
see that you are not taking care of the property properly.

Prepare For Your Rental Inspection!

Don’t let anyone tell you your normal cleaning routine won’t cut it, it will. All you just need to do is to
ensure that the property looks presentable enough. If you are not very confident about the state of
things, you can consider hiring professional cleaners to spruce up the place a bit. For this purpose, Nass
Cleaners are just what you need.
At Nass Cleaners, we’ve got all your cleaning problems covered. We provide the best home cleaning
services Melbourne could possibly give. Our services include end of lease cleaning, where we help
tenants and landlords prepare the property for inspection and get it ready for the next tenant. We also
provide commercial cleaning services to spruce up your workplace and ensure that your employees and
workers are comfortable.
Remember, a routine property rental inspection goes both ways. It serves as an avenue for you to
inform your landlord or property manager about those things that are due for fixing. For example, a
leaking roof or faulty wiring. So get it right, and scale through the rental inspection with ease!