For pure and good-quality air, a range hood is indeed essential. It catches the entire odor and shows it the route outside. The filter performs the vital task in a range hood, keeping away the dust particles and dirt, and helps you become free from grime, grease, and foul smells.

But do you know, if your range hood filter isn’t clean, it could be a hazard to your safety? It is because the dust and small debris particles are collected in the ductwork, resulting in fire risks. 

 Moreover, regular cleaning gives your bowler a long life, and better effectiveness. Here are a few simple steps to clean your Range Hood Filter.

Simple Steps To Clean Your Range Hood Filter  1

What You Will Need:                        

 If you wish to work effectively and save both your energy and time, it would be best to arrange all the cleaning supplies before you set out to clean your filter. Here are the supplies that you will need to make your cleaning session successful:

  • Boiling water
  • White vinegar
  • Dish soap
  • Baking soda
  • Non-abrasive scrubber
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Paper towels

Cleaning A Range Hood Filter:

If you wish to clean your range hood filter, follow the given steps :

1. Remove The Filter

First of all, you need to reach out to the range hood filter and remove it as soon as possible. Check the underside of the appliance to find the filter and pull it up with the help of handles provided on the sides. 

Some filters of this appliance offer a pinching technique when you squeeze them. Ensure that you perform the removal quickly yet carefully. Once you have removed the filter, move it to the sink or bucket. Now to deal with the dirt of the filter, you will need hot water. Boil water and pour it carefully into the bucket.

2. Prepare A Solution

Once you have boiling water in the bucket, it is time to prepare the cleaning solution by pouring two tablespoons of dish soap mixed with ¼ cup of baking soda. Next, mix the solution in the bucket properly using a brush.

Also, you can use white vinegar as a substitute for baking soda. Once the solution is ready, it will surely assist you in getting rid of all the grease and grime present in the filter.

3. Soak The Filter

After preparing the soap solution, all you need to do is soak your filter in it for some time. You should be careful if your filters are made of aluminum while conducting this procedure for proper safety.

Moreover, consider soaking them for a longer time if you wish to avoid abrasive scrubbing. If the packed timetable and your work life don’t allow you to invest time in cleaning your home, consider seeking professional help.

4. Scrub And Rinse

After soaking them properly in the soap solution, it becomes easy to scrub them efficiently to remove the accumulated dust and debris. If you want the best results, you must consider using a non-abrasive brush. 

While cleaning the dirty areas, spray hot water and white vinegar. It will help you clean it faster. Rinse the filter in Luke-warm water and use normal water for a final rinse so that all the soap solution is washed correctly. Finally, use a microfiber cloth or dry the filter.

How To Clean The Range Hood Interior/ Exterior

  • Apply the degreaser for at least 15 minutes.
  • With the help of a paper towel, clean the dirt and use a nylon-bristled brush to scrub the problematic areas.
  • Rinse the interior part with warm water.
  • To clean the exterior, use appropriate material which will not cause any scratches on the surface. If you have a stainless steel exterior, give a final finish with a few drops of olive oil.

Wrapping up

Cleaning the range hood will offer you fresh air free of dirt, debris, and foul smell. To achieve the maximum efficiency of this appliance, consider cleaning it frequently with the help of instructions and procedures mentioned in the article.

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